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How long does it take to set up an account?

Within 24 hours

How much do you charge for domain registration?

We can register and configure any domain that is available for £25 per year, plus the domain cost.

Can I host international domains?

Yes, we currently have clients that use  .com, .ca, .il, .tc, .nu, .ve, and many other international domain names

Do you offer NT or UNIX plans?

We offer UNIX web hosting accounts

What version of Perl comes installed on your servers?

Perl 5.10.1

What version of PHP comes installed on your servers?


What version of MySQL comes installed on your servers?


What is the correct path to Perl?


How long does it take for my DNS changes to update world wide?

Normally you can expect to see your web site DNS to change within 24 hours once you or we have made the modifications at your registrar. However, we have seen it take up to 7 days in some cases where registrars and ISPs are a little slower.